Friday, December 09, 2005

The Making of a Menendez Legacy

The Times editorial page today echoed the sentiments of many disappointed Corzine supporters when it declared the governor-elect's decision to select Congressman Menendez to take his seat in the U.S. Senate a mistake.

However, the question is now, what will Menendez do in the senate? Has his quest for power ceased, and, if so, will he change politically? He has won his reputation as an effective fundraiser because of his willingness to partake in pay-to-play politics in Hudson County, however, this might have been because of his determination to one day become a U.S Senator, a position that friends of his identified as his lifelong goal. Perhaps Menendez has reached the end of the ladder, and will now be free to work for his country, and not his career.

Of course, many of us had the same thoughts about Corzine a month ago. He had been a boring candidate, had associated himself with shady politicians, but nevertheless, had won what most of us thought would be the highest office attainable for an East Coast liberal. Nevertheless, he's continued to appease the political interests in the state for unknown reasons. There are rumors that he's looking for a presidential bid. Nothing could be more rediculous.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


A disappointing piece of news from the New York Times this morning. Anonymous sources have revealed that Jon Corzine has chosen Represenative Robert Menendez to take his seat in the U.S Senate.

Will Menendez be any good in the senate? Who knows? Maybe he's as idealistic as pragmatic, but nevertheless, he's gained the reputation of a hack for some reason or another. The fact that he has that reputation should be enough to disqualify him for the job.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nia Gill for Senate

The Corzine team has been shopping around the state for a new senator, and Montclair might be their final destination. State Senator Nia Gill has been rumored to be on the governor-elect's "short list". If appointed, Gill would not only be the first black Senator from New Jersey, but also the first woman.

Gill would be a good choice for Corzine. Nia Gill could be someone that the state could get excited about. Bob Menendez has too many shady deals surrounding him, and he's too much of professional politician to gain approval from the disillusioned citizens of New Jersey. Gill has reportedly been an effective legislator, rising in the ranks of the party and sitting on important committees, including the education committee, where she seems to do most of her work. We'll look into specifics later, but according to reputation, she seems pretty good. Strictly as a resident of Montclair, it'd be interesting to see how Gill's state senate seat would be filled if she leaves for Washington.

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