Monday, May 08, 2006

Keep Florida Blue

Governor Jeb Bush seems more concerned about his reputation as a shot caller than his allegiance to the Republican Party. The governor gave this quote in response to questions about Representative Katherine Harris's (R-FL) senate bid:

"I don't think she can win."

That makes Jeb the most recent to join the chorus of naysayers that has left the woman whose tactics as Florida secretary of state made it possible for George W. Bush to be in the White House today. The Democrats can count Florida safe in 2006.


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous JL Mealer said...

Abbreviated version

Republican Candidate John McCain with a progressive outlook, comes through for America with his 3R economic plan.

NUTS AND BOLTS of the plan are simple.


As Americans we must Rethink our role as the new leader of industrial nations while we Reform our mindset of what best benefits not only the US Economy but the world economy. We must always keep in mind that a stronger America is a Stronger World and we MUST always make it first and foremost to own a stake in what matter most.

Americans must Reinvent our national approach to regain our strength as the global leader in this new McCain 3R Phase of USA manufacturing.

Our goals should no longer be steeped in the pure greed of strict capitalism but rather in a progressive entrepreneurship system where smaller companies are formed by private individuals and private sector groups of goal oriented teammates.

Speculators and accredited private investors will pick and choose these businesses, which may also be grouped in investment packages such as with current commodity and futures trading. The laws to do this exist and people are waiting for the next best investment.

Investing in the American workforce has always been in high demand until the greedy AFL CIO took control of the working class and chased away or ruined the corporations!

The growth will be phenomenal as a Corporation or LLC opened for business may fail on occasion, but with proper training and support from the 3R Schools, a simple manufacturing business may be purchased or simply revamped for a new opportunity in the US Commodity Market as well as with the manufacturing arena.

The highly profitable products to be manufactured are a concern for a huge Corporation looking at only the bottom dollar, but smaller LLC and Corporations in the manufacturing world are often better run with limited production items sold at reasonable prices. Profits are made not only from the USA made wholesale goods, but the massive USA based jobs provided along with the stocks and commodities in the market.

The move from fossil fuels to affordable energy can only be done in one of two ways:

1. Halt all projects paid for with taxes at the pump and other fuel taxes, OR,

2. John McCain’s Economic Plan involving the 3R’s, Rethink, Reform, Reinvent.

McCain’s 3R is technical, closely monitored, rapid and hands on training course from professionals to create new professionals. Thousands of currently-job-displaced “once leaders in the manufacturing arena” will be paid to train and instruct in the 3R plan.
These new leaders will step up to help create a whole new style of prosperous America. A massive restructuring that will provide thousands of new American manufacturing companies and create millions of new jobs for infrastructure alone.

Americans are going back to school where they are paid to reinvent their skills and learn new skills to design and lead their personal LLC, Corporation or joint venture company.
That’s easy enough to comprehend and just as easy to implement.

The 3R plan is designed as a six-month rapid advancement system.
Graduates may return for additional skill enhancements from time to time, or step up after new advanced training in executive management.

New jobs are the mainstay for creating a new guard for Social Security.

Initial estimates of 1 in 5 students will begin his or her own company and drive even more Americans into a viable lifestyle with real jobs, real benefits and a retirement to look forward to. By making these opportunities available without the crippling AFL CIO interference and their mob like influence, America will explode into the world market.

All of this governed under strict employee benefits as provided by state and federal standards and improved upon by each mfg operation to provide security and safety for these new 3R American workers.

This 3R plan may be accomplished without costing taxpayers (or the government) additional funds. America has the means to follow through with John McCain’s 3R plan, ready and in place across the USA. The buildings we need for our initial 3R schooling and MFG arenas sit vacant or abandoned.

By assuming leases on abandoned stores and factories across America with 3R schools and mini-manufacturing training centers, we may allow building owners to write-off their donations and reduced leases in taxes over a few years, and even more if they donate the space.

USA made tools, power equipment, bicycles, computers, TV’s, radios, furniture, building material, clothing, automotive products… the list is endless, will become the pride of American workers once again.

These ideas are great in themselves, but an entirely new stream of jobs to supply support for these manufacturing companies and their hundreds of thousands of new employees will be created and expanded. Business and infrastructure from shopping malls to homes, new roads to restaurants, grocery stores to government outlets and so much more…

McCain’s Straight Talk and decisive nature embodies a Progressive Theodore Roosevelt more than any US presidential candidate in history since the original Rough Rider blazed the greatest era of growth in America.

The 3R plan just makes sense.

John Lewis Mealer
founding president Mealer Companies (original promotional site)


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