Saturday, October 15, 2005

Poll Spells GOP Doom

From a Wall Street Journal-NBC poll:
The poll also revealed overwhelming opposition to Bush among African-Americans. Only two percent said they approved of his performance as president, the lowest level ever recorded in that category, NBC television reported.
The poll showed the President's approval rating - overall - at 39%. I just thought that this was an interesting tidbit. So, who do we think is happier about all this - the Republicans, or the Democrats? Click on the link for a press release that may give a hint.
With about 12 1/2 months to go until Election Day, 2006, here's my question: why should any Republican feel a need to stand by this President? Things could very well improve for President Bush in the coming months (they could also get worse), but between Iraq, Katrina, oil prices, and administration and party corruption, there are going to be many doubts about the President in people's minds even a year from now. Maybe not staunch Republicans' minds, but why would a Republican candidate in a district or state of staunch Republican voters need President Bush to campaign for him or her?

This all ties in to Harriet Miers. There are extenuating circumstances because of speculation that Miers would be replaced by a stronger conservative if she fails to be approved. But why should any Republican senator feel like he or she has to stand behind Miers just because she's the President's choice? Could the vote on her (assuming there is one) have more Democrats than Republicans voting 'yea'?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Corzine Predictions

Jon Corzine is currently leading Doug Forrester by eight points, the most recent polls show.

However, it's time for Republicans to decide what issues Doug Forrester is going to win on, because property taxes alone aren't putting their candidate anywhere near victory. What issue could sway New Jersey moderates to the conservative side?

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