Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nia Gill for Senate

The Corzine team has been shopping around the state for a new senator, and Montclair might be their final destination. State Senator Nia Gill has been rumored to be on the governor-elect's "short list". If appointed, Gill would not only be the first black Senator from New Jersey, but also the first woman.

Gill would be a good choice for Corzine. Nia Gill could be someone that the state could get excited about. Bob Menendez has too many shady deals surrounding him, and he's too much of professional politician to gain approval from the disillusioned citizens of New Jersey. Gill has reportedly been an effective legislator, rising in the ranks of the party and sitting on important committees, including the education committee, where she seems to do most of her work. We'll look into specifics later, but according to reputation, she seems pretty good. Strictly as a resident of Montclair, it'd be interesting to see how Gill's state senate seat would be filled if she leaves for Washington.


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