Wednesday, November 30, 2005

For You Baseball Fans

Am I the only one that sees a real resemblance between baseball "superagent" Scott Boras, left, and Republican "supercrook" Tom DeLay?

Very interesting...

Monday, November 28, 2005

Gotta Love those Mountain States Dick

Vice President Dick Cheney has approval ratings below 50% in all but three states as of November 15th. His home state of Wyoming gave him a whopping 55% approval rating while Utah and Idaho trailed with 51% and 50% respectively. Cheney was least popular in New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont, where the Veep got a 73% disapproval rating.

The most interesting numbers come from solidly red states that seem to hate Cheney. For instance, Kansas, where Bush won in a landslide last election, gave the VP a 60% disapproval rating. Arkansas similarly gave Cheney a 60% disapproval rating.

Republicans Crippled in Blue States

We've seen surges of Democratic power in traditionally Republican states, such as Virginia, Montana, Wyoming, and Oklahoma, where populist Democrats hold the governor's office. In Blue states such as New Jersey, New York, and Massachussets, the GOP doesn't seem to have a clue. Forrester lost in Jersey by 11% to a mediocre Democratic candidate, Governor George Pataki has low approval ratings, and Governor Mit Romney seems to be poised to lose his reelection bid in a landslide.

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