Monday, July 18, 2005

New Jersey College GOP Leader Resigns

According to Sloppy Dawg, a New Jersey based blog, the head of the New Jersey College Republicans recently resigned, due to allegations that he attempted to extort the Forrester for Governor campaign out of $3000.

The actions taken by Damion are curious. Why would the head of a political organization, no matter how corrupt, try to take from the trough that will ultimately bring his friends to power and advance his cause? Is Damion simply a pramatist who believed that his chances of getting $3000 through a Forrester victory and a Forrester tax cut were smaller than his chance of getting a "pre-election rebate"?

Is this man really such a scumbag? Politics does, of course, stem from self interest. Constituents traditionally vote for the candidate that promises to represent their interests through tax cuts or entitlement programs. Even libertarians, who rail against pork barrel spending, don't mind seeing bacon distributed, as long as it's in their districts or in their pockets. Damion was trying to receive some party pork, with the losers being Republican contributors instead of the common American tax payer. Well...he probably would have benefitted from a few ethics courses in college.


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