Thursday, July 14, 2005

Senators Feel Pressure to Support Rove

Prominent Republicans are feeling the pressure from party leadership the man who has been the most important strategist for their party since the election of President Bush in 2000. Of course, it is not only party allegiance that makes many feel compelled to protect Rove, but personal ties as well.

The most important supporters of Rove's have been on Capitol Hill. Senator Norman Coleman, who owes his senate seat to Rove who reportedly discouraged another Minnesota Republican, Tim Pawlenty, from challenging Coleman in the 2001 senate race and instead pursue the position of governor. Pawlenty is now governor of the state and Coleman is now a U.S senator who probably feels personal admiration for man as well as a desire not to face a competitive Republican primary if Rove feels a lack of loyalty on his part. The Great Minnesota Progressive gives more insight.

Many would be suprised at Senator Arlen Specter's vocal support for Rove. Specter (R-PA), long considered a moderate voice within the GOP, also has recently become indebted to Rove. His heated primary in 2004 against right winger, Pat Tooney, was close until the Bush administration sent a Rovesque campaign team to Pennsylvania to bail the Senior Senator out. Specter was taciturn with the press. "I support Karl Rove", he said.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger wfoley said...

Specter needed Rove's help far more to win his primary against rightwinger Pat Toomey. That was when Specter wrapped his arms tightly around the Bush Administration. It tried to disentwine a bit for the general election.

(I think there's a word missing in your first sentence)

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Phil said...

interesting that both Coleman and Pawlenty have seriously bad approval ratings right now. Maybe hugging the prez is not the best strategy these days...


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