Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And The Spinning Shall Continue

According to this at the Daily Kos, President Bush has received his lowest ratings concerning "honesty and straightforwardness" since his election in 2000. Kos goes on to echo the sentiments of most liberals when he says that "Bush has proved that he is not a man of his word when he failed to fire the leaker". However, Kos is only one component of the massive storm of spinning that will take place on both sides of the aisle.

Rush Limbaugh, a man who is almost comically one of the most powerful members of the media, has already begun to describe Karl Rove as a hero, rather than a traitor. Interestingly enough, the difference in opinions expressed about this man is not unusual for traitors--or heros. Martin Luther King was referred to as both a hero and a traitor, as was virtually every American president, Benjamin Franklin, Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Schwarzenegger...the list goes on.

Capitol Hill is host to many enthusiastic spinners as well. Senator Lautenberg, a liberal and senior man in congress is one of the only officials to publicly declare that "treason" has been committed. Of course, he was rebuked by Republican members of the senate such as Norman Coleman (R-MN) who accused Democrats of spending more time on negative attacks than on effective legislation. The Great Minnesota Progressive Newswire decides that Coleman is paying back Rove for his support of his senate bid in 2001.


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