Friday, July 15, 2005

Idealism From The Right

According to New Jersey blog "Professor Kim's News Notes", Jon Corzine recently had a conference call with several Jersey bloggers, where he cited that the significance of blogs has been demonstrated through their effective use by the Democratic Senate Committee in 2004. He also noted that the right wing blogs are so aggressive that he wonders how he survives day to day. More HERE.

Of course, conservative Jersey blogs showed signs of sour grapes about the affair. Enlighten-New Jersey, a right-leaning blog that reports predominantly on state politics, was disgusted with what they described as "people working for politicians", instead of the other way around. To the people of the concerned blog, the 20% of the U.S economy that is in the hands of the government is largely distributed to people working for politicians. It's democracy. Of course, to be fair to Republicans, many advocate decreasing that percentage--especially in New Jersey. Well...a voter can wish for whatever he wants but he should spare himself the pain of wishing for the elimination of patronage in the Garden State.


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