Monday, July 11, 2005

Republicans Outspending Democrats In Governor's Race

The New Jersey Republican Party and the Doug Forester campaign are currently outspending Democratic operations nearly two to one, as the gubernatorial race heats up here, reports Republican Reports.

This comes as a suprise to most of us in Jersey who were warned by the Corzine campaign that he would spend "whatever necessary" to win the governor's office. Corzine, a first term U.S senator from New Jersey, set a record during his 2000 senate race after spending approximately $60 million of his own.

The lack of spending on the part of Corzine is attributed mainly to the uncompetitive nature of the Democratic primaries. Corzine faced only token competition while Forrester faced a conservative challenger in Bret Schundler, who lost largely because conservative support defected to a third candidate, Steve Lonegan. Nevertheless, Forrester won, but enters the general election with considerably lighter pockets than his opponent.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger wfoley said...

Any idea as to the size of Corzine and Forrester's fortunes? And how much each would be willing to spend on this? I think it's scandalous, and someone in the blog world should push hard for these people to spend the money, if necessary, on something that benefits the state more than televised blather and attacks.


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