Thursday, July 14, 2005

Church Supports Harry Potter

As if Harry Potter didn't have enough supporters inside the pages of J.K Rowling's hit series, he recently received an endorsement from one muggle establishment that has had strained relations in the past with witches and wizards: the Church. Various officials at the Vatican have come out in support of the stories that detail young Potter's adventures, many of which involve a fight against evil, which is ultimately represented by Lord Voldemorte, the man who killed Potter's parents when he was still an infant. Here at BBC News, Father Peter Fleetwood describes the support.

The Church believes that Harry's fight against evil can be likened to the stories of the Bible, in which Jesus Christ teaches people to be good. However, it's clear for anyone that has read the first five books that Harry is having very little success at converting people to his cause as he seems to have plenty of powerful enemies, who, for the sake of the young readers, will hopefully not crucify him at the end of the series. A dissenter, John Granger, recently wrote a book analyzing what he perceives as the deception in Harry Potter.


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