Monday, July 11, 2005


One Stop View offers comments by three prominent Democrats on the Rove affair. Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) declared that if Rove was indeed the source, he was guilty of treason.

According to Harry Reid (D-NV), months ago, the Bush administration promised that if anyone in the White House was found to be involved in the Valerie Plame case, they would no longer be welcome in government. Now that Karl Rove seems to be that source, Democrats are finally licking their lips for what is sure to be an awkward situation for Republicans at the White House and on Capitol Hill alike. However, because the GOP has a substantial majority in both chambers of Congress, the case is not likely to receive the same attention that the it would under Democratic rule.

However, another hopeful option emerges for Democrats in light of the administrations promise that it was unassociated with the leaking of the status of a covert CIA agent to Robert Novak, a syndicated columnist. Under pressure from the public, congressional democrats, and a few prominent members of his own party, President Bush would have to consider the option of dismissing Rove before any embarassing investigation could take place.

Before liberals jump to idealistic conclusions, they should remember a similarly embarassing case for the Bush administration that took place more than a year ago at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Although there was significant evidence that the military disaster was largely attributed to top administration incompetence, the president refused to dismiss Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, perhaps because Rumsfeld is the best man for the job, or maybe because Bush wanted to thumb his nose at public opinion. Nonetheless, Karl Rove is a close confident of the president and is credited with the president's political victories. Bush is in his second term and he will not let his friend go down without a fight.

Liberals respond: How are they going to sweep this under the rug?


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Sam said...

If Bush doesn't want this to become a big deal, he's got two choices: one, fire Rove quickly, or two, nominate an incredibly controversial judge for the Supreme Court. Otherwise, he's not going to be happy with the way this is spun. Actually, it doesn't need spinning; the act that Rove committed is a crime. The President has said, through his spokesman Scott McClellan, that the source in this case would be fired. Lautenberg had it right on - this is not just a matter of politics, and people on both sides of the aisle need to be united in this.

At 7:57 PM, Blogger Samantha said...

I totally agree. Rove needs to go.

He'll drag this Administration down to the point where "Rovian" politics of rumor mongering becomes an easy kill for any Democrat in the upcoming midterm elections. Any Republican will be guilty by association.

To keep from being labled 'Lame Duck' and to save his majority, he's got to fire Rove.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger f said...

Bush won't fire Rove. He was asked today and didn't respond. He won't.
Moose explains why:

Democrats should not get too excited about the presumed crisis confronting Rove. Short of a criminal indictment, Rove is not going anywhere... For Bush to get rid of Rove, would be like Charlie McCarthy firing Edgar Bergen.

Rove is to this Bush what Lee Atwater was to the father, except more so. He actually created W as a candidate for Governor and then for President. Bush was, and is well aware of how Rove operates. He peddles in gossip, innuendo and rumor to destroy his enemies. Ironically, in this instance he was divulging the truth.

Rove also understands internal GOP politics. It is likely he gave the speech a couple of weeks ago attacking liberals to cement his relationship with the right as he enters this difficult time with the Plame prosecutor. Also, he may be influential in promoting conservative replacements on the Supreme Court to further bolster his standing with the right.

Rove is the nerve center of today's Republican Party. The White House is already lowering the bar for punishment in the Plame case. Unless, the prosecutor has the goods on Karl, he stays. The President and the GOP has no choice. Rove is the closest in Washington to the indispensable man.
I wish the "indispensable man" were a better man. But no such luck. Scoundrels.


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