Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bush Defies Schumer's Claims for More Transport Security

At MyDD, blogger Chris Bowers sarcastically notes that the Bush administration will not fund anti-terrorism initiatives that work to secure public transportation because President Bush does not care for those who use public transportation (More here). Bowers has a good point, but does not give the administration its due credit.

There is little debate that the current administration has put a lot of effort and money into the war on terror. It has led a war in Afghanistan, pushed Congress to allocate billions of dollars to the states for homeland security, and according to rhetoric that some buy and other's don't, continues a very costly occupation in Iraq to fight terrorism.

The way the money has been distributed throughout the country has not been as admirable. Rural states have been given funds that are proportionate per person to states such as New York and California, which are under much greater risk of attack because of the population density of cities such as New York and Los Angeles. What the administration needs to realize is that terrorism is virtually unpreventable in certain situations. When facing people who are willing to kill themselves in the act, one must look at the situation in Israel first. Israel puts more effort into security than ever, but suicide bombers still manage to penetrate all of the defense systems and do damage. Imagine how much easier it would be in Kansas or Iowa.

This is why the U.S should focus its homeland security initiatives on areas of potential "major destruction", such as the New York subway system or the areas around Nuclear generators.


At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Jakobe the Midget said...

I find it quite hilarious that Washington is reacting exactly like it was before September the 11th. While I am not accusing the Bush administration of having blatantly stood by, with full knowledge of the attacks, without making any move to increase security in large population density areas of the country, we now know that the government had, to some extent, previous knowledge of the attacks yet did not lift a finger (Quite to the contrary, Bush was on vacation when we received intelligence reports concerning the attacks. He remained on vacation for a while). Please read the 9/11 reports, as this text will validate my claims. Here, we see a pattern. The attacks in London should have prompted a series of security budget increases, but they did not. What use is raising the threat level to orange if no measures are taken to make sure that this threat level goes down?

At 9:59 PM, Blogger Jack said...

do you have a blog? i would be happy to link to it. if you make one, let me know. thanks for the commentary.


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