Sunday, February 12, 2006

Weak Democratic Incumbents

Despite the constant news of Republican troubles, there are nevertheless vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the House.

Swing State Project reports that two Democrats from Georgia, Jim Marshall and John Barrow, have had their districts redrawn and face threatening competition in the fall from the GOP. Both men are moderate Democrats from moderate to conservative districts. Unlike the several liberal Democrats in the Georgia congressional delegation, neither of these congressmen have overwhelming minority constituencies that guarantee them incumbency.

Chet Edwards, a moderate from Texas is also at risk of losing. His district went 70-30 for Bush in 2004. Now, this phenomenon used to be more believable. For instance, the South began voting for Republican presidents long before it elected Republicans to Congress. However, in today's political climate, it seems impossible that a district that would vote so overwhelmingly for Bush would also vote for a congressmen who has a completely different agenda. That means that almost half of the people who voted for Bush in 17th district of Texas also voted for Edwards.


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