Monday, February 06, 2006

Don't Count Out Cheney

Bob Woodward, who is currently working on his 3rd book about President Bush, has told audiences to keep in mind that Vice Presient Dick Cheney could be a possible candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2008. "Republicans love old war horses," said the man who brought down Richard Nixon.

Cheney? Come on. As if his health problems aren't enough, the Veep is viewed more unfavorably than his boss. As of November 2005, Cheney had a 19% approval rating, which is two points lower than adultery. Only 29% of the nation identifies Cheney as ethical in a recent poll by Newsweek. 55% say that the words "honest and ethical" do not describe Dick Cheney. Cheney does not have the overwhelming appeal that Bush does with middle of the road voters. He's unfriendly, cold, and, if nominated, would be sure to be attached to corporate scandal. Cheney would lose many states that Bush won if he's pitted against a John Edwards, Mark Warner type. Hillary is another discussion altogether.


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