Saturday, August 27, 2005

Martha and the Media

Last year, according to the Economist, CBS News spent a total of 3 minutes covering the genocide in Darfur. NBC bested them with five, and ABC, thanks to Peter Jennings worldly perspective, took the lead with 18.

Together, "the networks devoted 130 minutes to the plight of Martha Stewart".


At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Margot said...

I think Jon Stewart did a piece on this a couple nights ago on crap news, which as hilarious as it was was actually quite sad. And Women's Magazines/Tabloids are apparently being sold at a higher rate than newsweek. More people get their news from the Daily Show than Cnn these days, and you can't blame them the daily show beats fox anyway. But I think the problem is that the media has made women and men more concerned about how they're eating too much instead of how people in other countries aren't getting enough to eat.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger MyManMisterC said...

Hey guys, saw a little write up on ya on the Barista. Nice job with this site. I think Martha can knockout Darfur in the 4th round, but only after having points deducted for repeated low blows. Did you guys know Martha is from Nutley (that explains everything)


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