Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Two Cents on Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez is not the most attractive foreign politician to Americans. He is a demagogue, a communist sympathizer, and most importantly, fervently anti-American.

However, he is remarkable. He has energized his entire country, for better or worse, and has brought attention to a vast constituency that was previously ignored in Venezuela: the poor. He has proven this by many symbolic (and practical) gestures that are not uncommon in U.S politics, especially in urban areas. He has opened health care centers, schools, and hospitals that show that his priorities are with the people of Venezuela; not the special interests.

However, as seen often in South American politics, Chavez is not all good. He recently announced a massive spending plan for the purchase of 50 Mig-29 fighter jets. The plan would cost $4 billion and would do nothing but antagonize the western hemisphere, which seems to be content with one super power. He is on extremely good terms with Fidel Castro, which is not unreasonable as they are neighbors, and has allegedly showed his solidarity by implementing communism classes in public schools, which is relatively threatening. Moreover, he has waged battles against private schools that do not follow his self-serving curriculum.

To address the most popular hit on the blogosphere, Pat Robertson does not know what he's talking about. Besides the obvious hypocrisy of a Christian leader advocating murder, Robertson seems to ignore the fact that Chavez is popular in his country, and has received support in the form of election victories, despite the cries of fraud from the opposition. Perhaps if Pat Robertson reviewed the history of U.S sponsored assassinations in South America, he'll understand why it's not a good route to democracy. The last time the U.S assasinated a "commie", the replacement, General Augusto Pinochet, helped install freedom by "disappearing" over 30,000 Chilean citizens.

Here are some quotes from the "Old" Pat Robertson.


At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez is merely following the footsteps of his good friend, and fellow communist, Fidel Castro. Almost 50 years ago, Castro siezed a country with distinct social classes similar to those in Venezuela. Bringing attention to the poor, in this case, is just the same as implementing communism in the country. The United States should be able to immediately see this, even though it took them way too long to figure out what Castro was planning.

The people who should really be upset with Chavez are the middle class Venezuelans who will soon be forced to conform to the communist view which drove many middle class Cubans to America.

Soon in Venezuela, expect to see an enormous status gap between the poor and the elite (Chavez's homies). The poor will get more attention than before, but only because the middle class will not exist.

Communism is meant to create equality, but in fact, it suits the lowest common denominator, in this case the poor Venezuelans. Chavez knows that and Castro knows that, and thats why Castro has remained in power for this many years.

Also, universal health care and education are even stronger signs that Venezuela will soon be ahead of Cuba on America's most hated list.

That being said, I don't condone what Pat Robertson said. He is an idiot, and that needs to be getting more attention.


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