Friday, July 08, 2005

Corzine and Forrester Gear Up to Spend

Jon Corzine, former president of Goldman Sachs, and Doug Forrester, who currently runs a prescription management company, are expected to break records in this year's gubernatorial race with unprecendented campaign spending. Corzine has already stated that he will spend "whatever is necessary" to become governor. While this statement seems natural to many, in New Jersey, the notion of "buying the office" is reminiscent of the corruption that has dominated many parts of state politics for decades.

It's disappointing to find out that neither of the candidates could agree on a spending cap. Although the money isn't necessarily better in the hands of politicians than with TV or radio networks, it would also be nice to see the candidates pledge their money to a noble state cause, such as building parks or playgrounds in low income areas. The talk of the state this upcoming election has a lot to do with government waste and high taxes, and both of these men have the ability to create initiative with their own funds, rather than the funds of New Jersey taxpayers.


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