Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What Is Bush Thinking?

It is rare occasion when President Bush threatens to veto a bill. However, that isn't why his most recent threat is so newsworthy.

Bush has come out strongly against lawmakers who are opposing the upcoming purchase of nearly six American ports by a United Arab Emirates owned company.

MyManMisterC describes my position on the issue well.

If Bush is looking to play the diplomacy card, it's going to fall short for American voters. If this acquisition goes through, this will be the second time that Republicans rejected Democratic efforts to prevent business with nations that have been historically friendly to Islamic terrorists. In July, Senator Frank Lautenberg proposed an ammendment to the Defense Appropriations bill that would have outlawed subsidiaries of U.S companies from doing business in certain nations deemed hostile to America.

Sharon, from Center of NJ Life has an update on how Democrats from NJ are responding.


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