Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bush Administration Lays Out Defense For Wiretapping

The Bush administration released a 45 page report today defending their policy of eavesdropping on foreign telephone calls in the U.S.

House Democrats formally meet to begin their investigation of the matter tomorrow.

The Senate Judiciary Committee expects to hold hearings in two weeks. Would this be the case if a less moderate Republican was chairing the committee? Afterall, the House Judiciary Committee is chaired by Jim Sensenbrenner, a congressman considerably to the right of Specter, and a man who has had a much friendlier relationship with the administration in the past.

By the way, when is Specter going to repay Bush and company for helping him in that tough primary almost two years ago? Or maybe he did this past week...


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Aidan said...

I still fail to see how this is a partisan issue. It is easy to see, with issues like these, how the GOP is striving for BIG GOVERNMENT, unrestricted, unbeholden to it's people. It is also easy to see why the extreem of conservatism is facism.


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