Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dems Look to hit Center and Right of GOP in 2006

You hear about the vulnerable Republican senate seats in Rhode Island and Ohio, where the GOP is simply weak. In Rhode Island, possibly the most liberal state in the nation, Lincoln Chafee, despite boasting the most left leaning voting recording in the Republican Senate Caucus, is at imminent risk of defeat this year. Most strategists blame his status on his inability to garner strong support from the Republican base because of his liberal record, as well as his refusal to completely rebuke the Bush administration, which is sending out a team to help him on his campaign. In Ohio, the moderate Republican Mike DeWine is suffering from a scandalous Republican governor, an unpopular son, and a possible minimum wage ballot initiative.

However, emboldened by the increasing unpopularity of the GOP congress and the continuing unpopularity of the president, the DNC has successfully targeted several other races including conservatives in Montana, Missouri, and Tennessee. In Montana, incumbent senator Conrad Burns has lost double digit leads over potential Democratic rivals in recent polls due to his tight connections with Jack Abramoff. It's hard to understand exactly why James Talent is vulnerable, other than the fact that he's a freshman senator in a politically turbulent state.


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