Friday, January 06, 2006

Death Penalty Moratorium Pending in NJ Legislature

Via Center Of NJ Life, two highly publicized pieces of legislation will be up for a vote in the state assembly on Monday.

The first, a moratorium on the capital punishment, is representative of a national trend against the death penalty, and specifically in cases without DNA evidence to support guilt.

The second, an indoor smoking ban, is a phenomenon that has little support outside of the tri-state area. It seems as if the initiative has a lot of political clout, especially among Democrats, however, it wouldn't be surprising to see if fail in the assembly. The tobacco lobby should be worried about this bill. Not only are cigarettes in New Jersey already absurdly expensive, but people in the process of quitting would be much more likely to succeed if they're not surrounded by smoke during social outings in bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, etc.


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