Tuesday, November 08, 2005


With 83% of the vote counted, Jon Corzine was announced to be the victor in the Garden State gubernatorial race. He currently leads Doug Forrester by a margin of 11 percentage points, 54% to 43%, which is an unexpectedly comfortable win for Democrats.

So what happened? What about property taxes? What about Democratic corruption? Extra-marital affairs? Didn't the GOP have enough to nail this guy? No. The only way to counter a weak Democrat in this state is with a strong Republican.

Forrester was counting on people to be fed up with state government. However, what he found is that swing voters are more disenchanted with federal government, which is run by the GOP. Forrester is going to lose New Jersey by a significantly larger margin than Bush did, which means that this state might be considerably more liberal than we previously thought. Perhaps people who voted for Bush on the national security card voted in favor of their social and economic principles in the governor's race. Unless statistics show that voter turnout was especially low among Republicans and conservative Independents, it's impossible that a small but significant portion of Bush's supporters are also Corzine supporters.


At 6:50 AM, Blogger wfoley said...

I think you're right. If you take national security and all the flag-waving out of the equation, NJ is looking more democratic. The change is even more dramatic in Virginia. There could be a real shift in next year's congressional elections.

At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that many republicans were disenchanted with forrester. the whole ex-wife/ secretary/ abortion deal really turned off a lot of people. neal boortz, an extremely popular conservative/libertarian talk show host, has declared he is happy corzine won because of forrester's lack of class.



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