Thursday, September 15, 2005

What Will Weiner Get?

Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY), conceded defeat to Fernando Ferrer in the New York Democratic mayoral primary. Although Weiner was not technically forced to cecede, as Ferrer didn't capture the necessary 40% of the popular vote necessary to avoid a runoff, Weiner was, in all probability, persuaded to support Ferrer and do whatever else possible to unite the party against Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Weiner made his decision after conferencing with Senator Chuck Schumer, whom the Times described as the congressman's mentor. Schumer, no doubt, advised Weiner that the penalty for spliting the party with a runoff election could be severe, especially considering the slim chances that Weiner would actually win such a race. Nevertheless, what's more interesting to speculate on are the benefits Weiner will receive for his surrender. Will his colleagues in Congress give him something in return? Will he get support for a senate bid, if he's interested, from the City Democratic structure?

Despite what the Neighborhood Retail Alliance says, come November, Fernando Ferrer will be a loser, with an unlikely chance to run for mayor or any other large public office again. But what will become of Anthony Weiner?, the man who might have betrayed his supporters, but who stayed true to his party.


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Sergeant-At-Arms said...

I enjoyed your voice on the matter. It was smart of him. He is sooo young to be a Congressman, it makes sense to be patient, especially since he wouldn't have won the runoff. I'm glad I'm aware of your Web Log. By the way, you can check out my blog at


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