Sunday, September 04, 2005

Montclair Pitches In

According to Baristanet, two firefighters from Montclair are going to New Orleans to participate in the relief effort. Apparently Mayor Remsen intends to send two truckloads of supplies with them.

I hope that the supplies and extra labor will be constructive. However, in recent articles, I can't help but feel that New Orleans law enforcement has been using its resources in the wrong way, namely in concentrating it's efforts on looters, rather than the refugees who actually need help.

Looting is a bi-product of mass disaster, and although it's unfortunate, in the case of Katrina, it's the least of the problems. In fact, considering the conditions that many of the refugees are in, looting is necessary for survival. Although Barista went on to say that she was disappointed to hear Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson excuse the opportunistic thieves, one needs to remember that many of these looters are people who haven't eaten or changed clothes in days. The last thing that city needs are policemen shooting at a mother who swims to an abandoned store to get food for her kids.


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you think there is a difference between people who take food, clothing, water, or medical supplies and those who take twenty pairs of Nike shoes and television sets?

And what about the people who were shooting at the rescue helicopters. Should the police ignore them also?

At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Mauro said...

According to mayor Nagin, the crazed looters and snipers were drug addicts looking for a fix.

So i guess that could be a valid explanation. Maybe? Because it is true that you can't reason with a crackhead who is insane cause he can't take "the edge off."

I have a theory that most of these crazed druggies are so messed up that they probably didn't even
know that a hurricane happened.

They were just out partying and then everyone just got crazy, and this crazy weekend involved lots of guns, water, raping and rioting.

Just a theory.


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