Sunday, September 18, 2005

Republican Qualms About Bush

Mister Snitch has documented an assortment of quotes from various Republicans and conservatives who are worried about President Bush's approach to Katrina, and more specifically, his enthusiasm for huge spending increases. NJConservative then sums up Snitch's analysis in one post, in which he accuses the Bush administration of overspending on all the topics that Democrats like to bring up: Katrina, Iraq, unvetoed appropriations bills.

It's good that people are examining spending on sensitive topics such as Katrina and Iraq. A continuation of this trend would be to look into spending cuts in the military. Are they needed? Nobody ever knows because it's taboo to bring it up, especially by liberals. The only aspect of the military that civilians, such as myself, understand, are soldier's salaries, which should obviously be raised in times of war and adjusted for inflation. Nevertheless, there's massive spending on defense initiatives that simply aren't necessary. Our military spending currently exceeds the next ten military spenders combined. This byte from the Times, comparing the Tsunami spending with defense spending, puts the problem in perspective.

Put another way the [tsunami spending] was half the price of a new f-16 fighter jet.

Isn't that ironic? Although Bush later increased the support for the Tsunami past the original $15 million, the unenthusiasm shows a lack of interest in beating terrorism or other global problems without the use of firearms.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger DBK said...

For an interesting take on military spending, go take a look at the appropriations that Cheney voted against when he was a Congressman.


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