Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ohio Governor's Ratings Could Get Lower

According to the Hedgehog Report, Governor Bob Taft is now being charged with four misdemeanors, mainly pertaining to his failure to disclose numerous gifts such as golf games, dinners, and hockey tickets. Especially when the NHL could use some money.

Few thought it was possible for Taft to become less popular than he already was. The last poll indicated that he had a 19% approval rating that earned him the title of "Least Popular Governor in America", by far, we might emphasize. However, now that the governor has been officially charged with crimes, his numbers can only go down. A large portion of the supporting 19% were people who were unaware of the criminal allegations against the governor, as well as his dubious decisions involving the state workers' pensions. However, anybody who, after the governor has been charged with crimes, still isn't tuned into the dirty politics probably doesn't vote.

The Democrats are licking their lips for Ohio. It will not be hard for Democratic office seekers to portray the Republican majority as out of touch with the Ohio working class, especially in light of the governor's decision to gamble state employees pensions in an investment run by a friend, and Ohio moral values. Clinging to the religious right cannot guarantee Republican leadership in Ohio immunity forever. Every politician claims to defend moral values but convicted criminals are unique, and voters understand that.


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