Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cornhuskers For Condi

Iowa Republicans voiced support for any presidential ambitions that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice might have in a poll done by the Quad City Times. The poll indicated that 30.3% of "likely caucus attendees" favor Rice's nomination. Senator John McCain came in second with 16% and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani received 15.3%.

It's suprising that Giuliani is recognized enough in Iowa to get even 15%. Has Bill Frist not made his presidential candidacy clear enough for voters? Especially in the heartland, whose support he will depend on. Iowa, although a politically moderate state that has traditionally leaned Democratic, does not boast a moderate Republican Party, as our friends at the Political Forecast would probably affirm. The idea that two especially unusual Republicans sit atop the polls in Iowa does not bode well for the GOP base.

McCain is a maverick that the religious right despises. Giuliani's record as the mayor of New York is simply too liberal to ignore for Bible-Belt voters. Condoleeza Rice's political allegiances are dubious, especially concerning domestic policy, and opponents of hers might make that clear in the primary.


At 8:31 PM, Blogger Enlighten said...

What is unusual about Rice? We hope she's in the running in 2008.

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Jack said...

i was actually talking about Giuliani and McCain. However, to be blunt, a black female is an unusual Republican. I know, Democratic party takes black voters for granted blah blah blah..spare me the rhetoric. I'm simply stating facts.

- Jersey Perspective

At 1:30 AM, Blogger Enlighten said...

Your post was entitled Cornhuskers For Condi and the two Republicans that sit atop the poll you cite are Rice and Giuliani. Perhaps you could spare the stereotyping.

To Republicans, Sec. Rice is an intelligent, knowledgeable, capable leader who has achieved success and her role as Secretary of State on the basis of her merits and through her own achievements.

It’s a shame you look at her and think of Dr, Rice as merely a black woman. It speaks to your notions of what you consider unusual. To Republicans, it is natural for a brilliant person, a leader on the world stage, with real accomplishments, to be high on our list of potential presidential candidates.

To Republicans, Sec. Rice just happens to be a black woman. The poll results are hardly surprising to those who seek the best qualified candidate and not just a name.

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Jack said...

Mr/Ms. Enlighten (still haven't figured out which..we will though) if you are suggesting that because I stated the obvious means that I don't see past the obvious, you are wrong. I understand Rice's credentials and I think they're OK. Not brilliant, not miserable. Her best attribute is the fact that she has been one of the only diplomatic voices in the current administration.

My post speculated on the sentiments of the name, more specifically republicans in Iowa, not my own. Before you lecture me on my stereotypes for mentioning that she is a black woman, maybe you should lecture the nation that has elected one black to the senate, zero republican blacks to congress (in this congress), and has yet to elect a female president.

I admire your idealism, but any political analyst or any campaign manager who ignored this fact wouldn't last long in american politics. We live in a sharply divided nation, not every town is like Montclair (high school: 48% b, 42% w, 10% o).

This site is not meant for partisan hackery, it is meant to speculate on politics. Therefore, I mention the facts that are relevent.

- Jersey Perspective

At 8:21 AM, Blogger Jack said...

Corzine's earned income is about 140,000 a year. That is the salary for any member of the U.S Senate. If Forrester wins the election, he'll be in the same situation, making most of his money off investments, not salary.

- Jersey Perspective

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Chris Woods said...

I don't understand Iowans and their fascination with Condi Rice. She's a lying bi...bad person. She's also a hack and her only experience in politics has been covering ass for the Bush Administration. I really hope Americans wouldn't elect the woman who decided not to mention the memo "Bin Laden determined to strike US" to Bush a month before 9/11. That would just scream stupidity if you ask me. This almost makes me ashamed to be an Iowan.


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