Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ron Paul: The Guy Who's Against Everything

One can usually find his name in the Nay section, accompanied usually by only the most liberal Democrats in the House. He votes against virtually every spending bill, every environmental protection bill, every regulatory bill, and all legislation that apparently infringes upon civil liberties. He doesn't like pork, he doesn't like socialism, and he doesn't like to allocate more power to himself. What does he like to do?

What he likes is Hemp. Paul (R-TX), along with several House Democrats, has helped introduce a bill that will authorize states to grow hemp for economic purposes, and will, with all probability, lead to the complete legalization of marijuana. The bill will fail miserably. It won't even be close.

Paul is considered a libertarian. He represents a coastal section of Texas which has long been business oriented in its politics, even when it was Democratic, and is less in tune with the Bible-Belt politics that currently dominate much of Texas. After visiting his website, you learn that he only votes for legislation that he believes is specifically authorized by the Constitution. Because of this, neither party can count on his vote on any spending or regulatory project.

Of course, he also has personal ideology. He is pro-life and pro-hemp. Nevertheless, as anyone versed in basic congressional politics might see, those stances don't get one very far, especially combined. He won't deliver weed to his constituents and he can't make abortion illegal. Hence, one would have to reason that some constituents in his district would make noise about the lack of bacon he brings home at the recess.

His vote against the recent transportation bill was token, it passed by about 400 votes. However, does his Nay mean that the people of the 14th district of Texas aren't getting billions for bridges and highway beautification as well?


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