Friday, August 05, 2005

Katherine Harris Gears Up For Senate Race

Despite what Peat Blog says about Katherine Harris's "plastic face", Bob Novak (the man of the hour)says Harris's allegations that newspapers doctored her picture to make her appear "overly made-up" are reasonable, as he reportedly has had similar problems with obnoxious newspapers. An interesting story anyway, below:

Florida Republican, Katherine Harris, has officially started her campaign for the U.S senate seat presently occupied by a Freshman Democrat, Bill Nelson.

Harris is most widely known for her participation in the 2000 presidential election, when she was then the Florida Secretary of State under Governor Jeb Bush, and her efforts to halt the re-count were seen as a display of politics at its worst. However, the congresswoman has rejected the concerns of the GOP as well as the White House and has emerged as the only Republican candidate for senate in Florida.

Interestingly, Harris has alleged that much of her unpopularity comes from doctored images of her that portrayed her on television as very "heavy on the makeup". It seems absurd, but who knows, since when was it unrealistic for some lowly intern at CBS or FOX to add a little rouge to a political opponent?

The White House is rumored to be rooting for the Speaker of the Florida House, Allan Bense (R-Panama City), to emerge as a challenger to Harris. However, during the episode of "Inside Politics" that got him suspended indefinitely from CNN, Bob Novak warned the audience that Katherine Harris could very well represent another Republican to win without the support of the establishment, similar to Tom Coburn of Oklahoma or oddly enough, Ronald Reagan, the late president.

Let's see if the GOP can do better than Harris. Of course, if she wins, the race could offset the anticipated loss of Rick Santorum (R-PA), another oddball conservative. While the North would be solidifying its role as the Democratic base for the next century or so, the GOP could also take pride in kicking out the last remnants of the once Democratic South.

Here is the most original commentary I could find on Harris. Yes, I believe he's serious.


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