Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Councilman Has Salary Withheld For Sexual Harassment

The New York City Council asked lawyers to "garnish" the wages of Councilman Allan Jennings, who has repeatedly refused to comply with the resolution adopted by the body which censured the Democrat from Queens for sexually harassing two female subordinates and demanded $5000 in damages for the women.
A spokesman for Gifford Miller, the speaker of council, warned Jennings that despite his attempts to evade his punishment, the council will make sure that it is enforced. Jenning's office responded with a statement that denounced the politically motivated charges and also alleged that the charges originated in "secret kangaroo meetings". However, Jennings plans to challenge the fine legitimately by appealing the censure imposed by the council.
It's interesting to speculate on the difference between the partisan politics of Washington D.C and the almost exclusively intra-party politics of New York City. It's reminiscent of the days of the "Solid South", where state legislatures were uniform in party but relatively diverse in political ideology. However, in New York City, nearly every elected office holder has some liberal allegiances. A New York based right wing blog, The Slant Point, comments further on the subject.


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