Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bad News For Hillary....

A new Rasmussen survey indicates that Hillary Clinton's support has fallen off dramatically in the last month. According to the report, today just 27% of Americans say they would definitely vote for Senator Clinton in a presidential race, while 43% would oppose her candidacy. The former first lady's favorability numbers are equally, ehm, unfavorable, as a mere 38% of those surveyed held a positive opinion of her.

While the 2008 election is still more than two years off, this poll certainly paints a discouraging picture for the "Draft Hillary" camp. If her numbers are any reflection of her conduct, Clinton's dive has to be at least partially attributed to recent comment comparing Republican House leadership to slave owners and some untimely clapping during the State of the Union. However, to dismiss Clinton's dive in polls as a temporary and soon to be forgotten setback would be to ignore the greater trend: Americans overwhelmingly reject Clinton's shrill panderings to her base. Certainly all politicians sacrifice some moderate support by playing to their base, but this poll seems to suggest that unlike her husband, and to a lesser extent the current president, Hillary does not have the charisma to make up for this lost ground.


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Sharon GR said...

I strongly feel she shouldn't even try right now. She simply can't win the presidency in this political climate. She polarized people so strongly in the 1990s that she needs to spend some more time building up a reputation as "Senator Clinton from New York" instead of "former First Lady."

I admire her strength and intelligence, and I think she'd be a good president, but I hope she's smart enough to realize she can't win in 2008, and therefore doesn't run.


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