Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bin Laden Tape

Check out any political blogs today? If you looked at Daily Kos, Atrios, MyDD, Talking Points Memo, or most any other big-time liberal blog, you wouldn't have any idea that Osama bin Laden released a new, threatening audio tape this morning. (Not even left-leaning Crooks and Liars, which posts up newsworthy audio and video clips from all the big news networks, linked to a feed of the tape.)

However, if you checked out Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, Hugh Hewitt, or Michelle Malkin, all right-wing blogs, the bin Laden tape receives at least one posting.

I actually find it pretty reprehensible that particularly the guys over at Daily Kos, where there are some half-dozen or more people contributing to the posting, can make 12 posts today and not mention - even once - the story that will lead every newspaper in the country tomorrow morning.

It sure doesn't speak well for the hope that the War on Terror is not a purely "Republican" issue if Democrats pretend that news like this doesn't even break.


At 4:16 PM, Blogger Janet said...

From your somewhat neutral political blogger perspective, the absence is a trend worth blogging about.


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