Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sheehan Under Fire

Matt Drudge thinks he's breaking news by reporting, in size 48 font, that Cindy Sheehan declared President Bush "the biggest terrorist in the world." Countless bloggers have tried to cast her as an uninformed nut by calling on her demand that Israel pull out of "Palestine." Let's be real, folks. Discrediting a single woman is easy. But Cindy Sheehan is not the story here. Her personal escapades are not important - certainly not to me. Her views on other geopolitical issues have little relevance. The real story is the movement that, in the last 12 days, she has come to represent.

That movement, by the way, is not made up of just tree-huggers, granola-munchers, or any other quote-unquote demographic that people think of as typical protester-types. According to the latest Gallup poll on the topic, 54-percent of Americans now believe that sending troops to Iraq was a mistake. More Americans believe that sending troops to Iraq was a mistake than believe the contrary, that it was the right move. Enlighten-NJ seems to wonder why, as an anti-war protester, Sheehan is getting such coverage. The blogger asks, "How much coverage would the press have given a World War II-era Cindy Sheehan who camped outside Hyde Park or Warm Springs demanding to meet with President Roosevelt?" Enlighten then answers, "None." My search for World War II-era poll numbers was futile, but I'd venture to guess that far fewer than 54-percent of Americans thought, at any point during that war 60-plus years ago, that the fight was unjustified or "the wrong fight."

Pro-war politicians, columnists, radio hosts, hacks, and bloggers can undress Cindy Sheehan as much as they'd like. They can continue to get quotes from her estranged husband who thinks she's kooky, or search news records to find scandalous statements she's made in the past if it makes them happy and content. One grieving woman might be a crazy, and the hundreds of people camped out in Crawford may be crazy, too. But there are millions of Americans not named Cindy Sheehan and not sleeping in tents outside President Bush's ranch who want answers to the questions she's asking. Try to discredit them.


At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with polling two, three, four, five and six years after the fact is that it is skewed.

Much like commentators and sports analysts who question the game changing call on 4th and 2 with 1:47 left will do on Monday morning.

At the time the US went into Iraq, we had evidence and information that supported the claims for going into Iraq. Once inside, the smoking gun was never found but you cannot in all good faith say "Sorry we didn't find what we thought was here, we will now leave you worse off then when we came in here."

Unfortunately, both Democrats and Republicans, armed with the same information we all had back then, voted to allow the use of force. To stray from one's vote after the fact or claim they didn't have all the information was BS... they voted.

We are all in this together. I have blood in the game who have done tours in Irag and Afghanistan. The word from many, not all, on the front lines is that if we pull out too early, expect your worst fears to come true.

But truth be told, the direction of 527s under McCain-Feingold was a horrible decision. McCain being the good Democrat (RINO) that he gave way too much with 527s. On both sides of the aisle, conservative and liberal, 527s have done as much, if not more then our elected officials in Washington, to divide this country. As they are once again doing in the Cindy Sheehan debacle.

But then again, 527s get leeway but in another year bloggers will not be exempted under McCain-Feingold and you will be considered a contribution... thus again, curtailing what you will be able to say without violating contribution limits.

remember, good campaigns like the 527s divide first and then conquer

Keep up the good work, jack and sam!

At 1:48 PM, Blogger Sam said...

Great comment, _______. It's funny you bring up the 527 groups like, since I was thinking of going into the problems with their (moveon in particular) actions in this Sheehan case.

Come back often. And, by the way, who are you?

At 4:38 PM, Anonymous jaharris said...

sorry... I must have hit the wrong button before and it came up anonymous


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