Friday, August 19, 2005

Pataki Just Doesn't Get It

According to The Party's Over, a New York Republican blog with a tongue-in-cheek name, Governor George Pataki will be stopping in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on his way to a number of East Asian destinations next month. The story is corrorborated by Newsday. As far as we know, he doesn't have friends or family there or at least, if he does, they aren't the ones he's stopping in the Hawkeye State to see. Pataki is touching down there to address the Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce's 87th annual pow-wow. Is this guy serious?

Look, I understand that he wants to run for President, which is his right. But why does he think he can get the support of the far-right voters who traditionally dominate primary elections? From the outset, his home state doesn't help him. Iowans who see his recent veto of the morning-after pill and think he's a strong conservative will have to wonder how this guy got elected by the same people who voted for Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, two of the most historically liberal Senators in Washington. The answer is that he is no strong conservative.

He favors gay rights, abortion rights, and gun control. Disowning years and years of his record with vetoes, newspaper editorials, and speeches in Iowa will be nearly impossible. In fact, his latest pandering should make voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, and other early-primary states he is targeting, feel offended that this governor thinks they are foolish enough to ignore his 12-year gubernatorial record and be swayed by his well-timed turn to the right. Early polls seem to show that Pataki's candidacy is, as Bluegrass Report says, "DOA." While he has great name recognition (70.1%), his support is barely noticeable (2.8%)

Here's betting that those voters aren't swayed and that Pataki's bid for the nation's highest office doesn't even make it past New Hampshire.


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Wm. W. said...

Hey Sam. Great story, great site.

Like I asked in my blog, are you really 17? If so get out and have some fun. Its summer for Gipper's sake!

Keep up the good work and as we say in the Empire State, "Excelsior."


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