Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another Massachusetts Flip-Flopper

So who, exactly, is Mitt Romney? Is he the man who supports and "will protect a woman's right to choose," or the one who wrote an Op-Ed piece in The Globe and said that abortion should not be legal? Is he the man who checked 'Yes' on a Planned Parenthood survey question that asked if he supported a woman's right to take a morning-after pill, or the one who called that pill an "abortion pill" and vetoed legislation that would allow a woman to obtain such a medication without a prescription? It seems that it depends on the electorate. If Romney needs the support of the majority of voters in the state of Massachusetts, where just 14% of those registered are registered Republicans, he's the former man. When he seems to be gearing up for a national election in which he'll have to appeal to the most far-right members of his party, Romney uses the latter set of talking points. The difference between Romney One and Romney Two, by the way, is all of three years.

Blogger Will Bardwell chimed in on Romney's recent conservativization, if you will, and isn't particularly optimistic about the results the Massachusetts will ultimately experience if he chooses to run for the office of the President in 2008. Who would be? Polls show that at this point no one outside of his own state even knows who he is, which may not hurt him given the weakness of his stances. What kind of primary-voting Republican is likely to support Romney - a Massachusetts politician, let's remember - over even the stem-cell supporting Bill Frist or the slightly more moderate George Allen just because Romney vetoed a bill and wrote an Op-Ed article? These voters - and most others who lie closer to the center of the political spectrum - look for consistency, not timely pandering, on such crucial issues. Who is this guy kidding?


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